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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mountain - Last Night At The Fillmore East (1971)

This is a remastered version of two similar boots, Mt. Fillmore: Live At The Fillmore East 1971 and Closing The Fillmore East. It is a significant improvement to both. CTFE suffered from high frequency loss and low volume level. The source for this new version, Mt. Fillmore, had superior sound but ran more than 5% fast and suffered somewhat from digital distortion, particularly in Dreams Of Milk And Honey. Both of those problems have been corrected and some minor dips in volume have been adjusted. Also absent is the nifty reminder during Roll Over Beethoven on CTFE that we are listening to radio station KLOS. Both versions suffered from a two minute cut in the middle of Dreams Of Milk And Honey. After carefully matching volume and EQ, the missing part has been patched with the same segment from FLOWERS OF EVIL.

You can find the patch at 7:51 when the guitar shifts to the center channel due to the different mix, ending at 9:51. In addition, the Outside The Fillmore interviews and California Jam track from CTFE have replaced the two commercially available bonus tracks on MT. FILLMORE.Dreams Of Milk And Honey and Roll Over Beethoven were used on the official release, FLOWERS OF EVIL. That version dropped an introduction and made a minor cut in Dreams Of Milk And Honey. Here these tracks are complete and unedited in a slightly different mix. In comparison, FLOWERS OF EVIL now sounds somewhat anemic.

MT. FILLMORE lists the date of this show as June 26 and CTFE lists it as June 28. June 27 was the final night of the Fillmore's closing run. The same lineup (Albert King, Mountain, The J. Geils Band and The Allman Brothers Band) played on each of the last two nights, so the 26th is possible. But this tape is from a radio broadcast and it's likely that such a broadcast would have been on the final night. Also, the circulating Allman Brothers tape of these last shows is from the 27th, and it would seem logical that was the same broadcast.

01. Intro by Bill Graham
02. Never In My Life
03. Theme For An Imaginary Western
04. Roll Over Beethoven
05. Dreams Of Milk And Honey
06. Silver Paper
07. Mississippi Queen
08. Outside of the Fillmore
09. Nantucket Sleighride (Bonus track from California Jam 1974)

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Haze - Hazecolor-Dia (1971)

Recorded in 1971, this German album is a complex progressive rock effort with plenty of excellent guitar playing and a bizarre vocal style. Some nice psychedelic touches also feature and the disc comes housed in a digi-pak with a photo transparency cover..

HAZE played excellent progressive rock with lots of impressive instrumental passages, but their lead-singer's voice sometimes sounded a little bit strange. Nevertheless it should be recommended for all fans of early 70's metal.

(Info by: CGR)

01 - Peaceful Nonsense - 7.18
02 - Fast Career - 8.35
03 - Be Yourself - 6.26
04 - A Way To Find the Paradise - 6.58
05 - Decision - 10.14

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Bolha - Um Passo a Frente (1973)

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Bob Smith - The Visit (1970)

A double album that was released in 1971, this didn't recieve adequate distribution for a considerable period, so it wasn't really available until late '72.This is a classic psych album in every sense: trippy effects, phased/wah'd guitars, searing leads, wasted vocals/subject matter and the obligatory 'experiment' pieces, tho' these are not as prominent as you'd figure knowing that this is a double lp. Despite the title, this is not a solo album by any means, as Mr. Smith had a large backup band that featured members of the Mothers of Invention.I got this out today and have been enjoying it all morning- it's not gimmicky or wacked-out or anything, just good, solid psych that still holds up well today. Personal favorite is 'Don't Tell Lady', a loud psycher about hiding the ingestions of certain substances from a spouse: "If you go out tonight/And I can't stand up tonight/I said don't tell lady/Tonight"... Ha! This is (of course) sung over a snaky flanged out stoner guitar lead, heh-heh. A reasonable buy if you have all of the 'mainstream' psych albums and are still hungry. Great sounding CD reissue of a rare and highly prized double album, from the west coast. Chock full of psychedelic goodness fuzz, effects, harpsichord and lost drifting vocals. A superb CD.

Another significant collectable from the California rock scene that will interest readers. Not really a solo album at all, as Smith is backed by eight very capable musicians. Much of the music is instrumental, achieving a mystical and 'psychedelic' atmosphere, although there are a few more mainstream tracks and some nice bluesy guitar work in places. Interesting and a must for fans of psychedelia. The original pressing (especially with the amazing psychedelic poster) has skyrocketed in value in recent years; as such, the recent reissue is most welcome. It includes a bonus disc of material recorded by Stop, Bob's later band from the early seventies.

Prior to the Kent album, Bob was with Silverskin, and before that, Lid (not to be confused with The Lyd), who recorded an album in 1968 which remains unissued.

Don Preston was a member of Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention and Daryl Dragon was with The Dragons. Daryl worked on various projects with his brothers Doug and Dennis (Farm, A Sea For Yourself, et. al.) before finding fame and fortune as the 'Captain' in Captain and Tenille. Bob Smith continues performing locally in Florida and has finished a new recording, The Visit - Destiny 2000 From Bob Smith which he will make available on his own Southern Rose label.

(Info by:CGR)

01 - Please - 3.14
02 - Don´t Tell Lady tonight - 3.09
03 - Constructive Critique - 4.43
04 - Ocean Song - 4.50
05 - The Wishing Song - 5.04
06 - Can You Jump Rope - 5.47
07 - Latter Days Matter - 3.31
08 - India Slumber - 7.47
09 - Source You Blues - 6.02
10 - Sunlight Sweet - 3.10
11 - Of She, Of Things - 3.17
12 - Mobeda Dandelions - 3.18
13 - The Path Does Have Forks - 5.25
14 - Try, Try To Understand Yourself - 3.22

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Vol 1, 2 and 3 (1967-68)

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Vol 1 (1967)

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The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Vol 2 (1967)


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The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Vol 3 (1968)


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Friday, February 13, 2009

Re-Upload: Jeronimo - Cosmic Blues (1970)

Jeronimo was a straight hard rock group that even enjoyed a bit of chart success in their time with "Heya" coupled with "So Nice To Know", their 1969 debut single for Admiral (AD 1105), "Na-na-hey-hey" coupled with "The Light Life Needs" (AD 1110, 1969) and "Never Coin' Back" coupled with "The Key" (AD 1133, 1970). By then they had already been together since the mid-sixties (?). Among the members from 1967 to 1968 were Walter Ortel, co-founder of Epsilon in 1970 with Michael Winzkowski and Michael Ertl. Jeronimo's first appearance on album was on the strange split LP with Creedence Clearwater Revival: Spiritus Orgaszmus, with an "orgasm cover", poster and pink vinyl (Bellaphon BI 1527). All six Jeronimo songs were featured on their subsequent album for Bellaphon: Cosmic Blues. This was hardly cosmic blues, but a confusing collection of their three first singles and six other tracks that presumably were recorded as potential singles in 1969, presenting soul-beat pop, rock'n'roll, pop, folk-rock and vintage hard-rock. At the time of release, Hajo Born had quit. The trio of Marz, Schafer and Funk were pictured on the cover, which contained very little information. Soon after, also Rainer Marz quit, to be replaced by Michael Koch. The trio of Schafer, Koch and Funk went on to record what since has become one of the most hunted German albums among collectors: the self-titled Jeronimo with the "Indian cover", in many respects their first album. They had now developed a common direction - heavy guitar-based boogie blues and rock'n'roll, much like a cross between Creedence Clearwater Revival and Groundhogs at their best! This was by far Jeronimo's best album, presenting much vitality and hard rock dexterity in straight-forward songs like "Understanding", "Shades" (A & B sides of a single lifted from the album) and "Sunday Child". However, the long drums solo on "Hagudila" was, as is so often the case, superfluous! For some unknown reason, only a small number of copies were pressed. Still stranger the album never has been re-released, as their two other albums have, several times! It's open to question if the album is worth the 500 DEM dealers are now claiming for an original copy.

For Time Ride (1972), Jeronimo came under the guiding hands of Peter Hauke and his Bacillus label. This was also a good album, hut some of the enthusiasm of the previous album seemed to have been lost. It was a half-successful attempt to perform more "progressive" hard rock. When Jeronimo broke up, Ringo Funk became the drummer of Atlantis.

(Info by:CGR)

01. News 3:00
02. The Key 2:58
03. Hands 2:39
04. So Nice To Know 2:02
05. Na Na Hey Hey 3:38
06. Highjack 2:57
07. Number 5 5:18
08. No No No 3:51
09. Never Goin' Back 2:37
10. The Light Life Needs 2:14
11. Heya 2:29

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SRC - SRC and Milestones (1968-69)

Along with the Stooges, MC5, and the Amboy Dukes, SRC was a group of local heroes of the Michigan rock scene in the late '60s and early '70s, although in terms of national success, they were relegated to the second division populated by such bands as the Frost and the Rationals. Led by the Quackenbush brothers, Gary and Glenn, the Ann Arbor group evolved out of the Fugitives, adding lead singer Scott Richardson from fellow garage band the Chosen Few. SRC recorded three erratic albums for Capitol that blended Motor City crunch with sustain-laden psychedelic guitar, pompous bursts of organ, spacey lyrics, and unexpectedly wispy, vulnerable vocals, throwing in some pretty ballads and harmonies to temper the hard rock excess.

SRC's debut album contained one stand-out track, Black Sheep, on which Glen Quackenbush's organ playing gave the band a similar sound to The Doors' Light My Fire. The track received considerable airplay from John Peel in England. However, the band failed to capture the interest of the American public at large and disbanded after two further good LP's.

(Info by:CGR)

1st Album:
01. Black Sheep [Album Version]

02. Daystar
03. Exile
04. Marionette
05. Onesimpletask
06. Paragon Council
07. Refugeve
08. Interval

2nd Album:
09. No Secret Destination

10. Show Me
11. Eyes Of The Storm
12. I Remember Your Face
13. In The Hall Of The Mounta
14. Checkmate
15. Our Little Secret
16. Turn Into Love
17. Up All Night
18. Angel Song

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Negative Space - The Living Dead Years (1970)

Dark heavy fuzzed basement psych from 1970!!! Originally released on vinyl over 30 years ago with a pressing of only 500 copies! 75 minutes of music including 10 non-lp songs and cuts from the post-Negative Space outfit, Snow! This has been a long time coming!

(Info by:CGR)

01. Isolated Ivory Tower
02. Summertime
03. Hey Wall
04. The Long Hair
05. Calm Before the Storm
06. You're All I Need
07. Living Dead
08. Forbidden Fruit
09. Sunflower (Bonus)
10.Johnny B. Goode (Bonus)
11.Light My Fire (Bonus)
12.Purple Haze (Bonus)
13.The Pusher (Bonus)
14.Snow's Angels (Bonus)
15.Too Little Too Late (Bonus)
16.Hour of Quiet Rain (Bonus)
17.Too Few Drums (Bonus)
18.Father & Son (Bonus)

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little Feat - Sailin' Shoes (1972)

Sailin' Shoes demonstrates just how briskly Little Feat was developing in their early 1970s formative years. A pronounced step up from the Southern California quartet's critically praised 1971 debut, it's not as fully realized as the Feat's 1973 zenith, Dixie Chicken. But it's not far behind, and that's saying something. The final recording made by the original quartet (the band swelled to six members after founding bassist and Mothers of Invention alumni Roy Estrada split), Little Feat circa 1972 is a lean, energetic outfit. "Cold, Cold, Cold," "Tripe Face Boogie," "Apolitical Blues," and "Teenage Nervous Breakdown" are blunter rockers than what would follow. Lowell George's title track and Bill Payne's "Got No Shadow" and "Cat Fever," meanwhile, presage the more limber direction the group was headed.

(Info from internet)

01. Easy To Slip
02. Cold, Cold, Cold
03. Trouble
04. Tripe Face Boogie
05. Willin'
06. A Apolitical Blues
07. Sailin' Shoes
08. Teenage Nervous Breakdown
09. Got No Shadow
10. Cat Fever
11. Texas Rose Cafe

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Earthen Vessel - Everlasting Life (1970)

From Lansing, Michigan band, although their rare album is on a Tennessee label. The 45 cuts are on the album. Both records are undated, but sound circa 1970. The group played hard rock with male and female vocals (overtly religious lyrics) punctuated by loud fuzz guitar.

The ultra- rare 1970 LP- Heavy Rock: Everlasting Life. Off the master tapes, this Jefferson Airplane/Cream inspired music is one of a kind. Spacey AND VERY haunting vocals, distorted guitar, Farfisa Organ; it will take you to new limits of Psychedelia.

(info by: CGR)

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Boot - Boot (1969)

Their first album is rare and came out on a Texas label 'though they hailed from New Port Richey, Florida, and had earlier recorded as The Split Ends. It's basically hard rock with some psychedelic guitar work. Their second album is rather mundane heavy rock.

Jim O'Brock recalls: "Circa 1969 We changed names from The Split Ends to B.O.O.T, an anacronym for 'Blues Of Our Time'. We began playing 80% to 90% original material and began traveling more, playing larger venues. We played with Canned Heat, B.B. King, Neil Diamond, Detroit Wheels, etc. and at the Atlanta Pop Festival and Miami II Pop Festivals. Once we competed with the Allman Brothers in a contest at the University of Florida and won first prize! In Atlanta, Georgia we played with Lynyrd Skynyrd (they opened for us!) and stayed on the road for about four years.

Florida's Boot, or "Blues-Of-Our-Time" started life as The Split Ends (of "Rich With Nuthin" fame), but by 1972 were playing a tight blend of hard rock and good-time rock n roll, with wicked guitar licks and thunderous, tight drumming. Free/Sir Lord Baltimore,Bang etc, early 70's UK rock fans should check this one out!!

1. Hey Little Girl
2. Danny's Tune
3. Liza Brown
4. Andromeda
5. Destruction Road
6. Reach
7. What Are They Doing To Me
8. What You're Missing

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