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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Boot - Boot (1969)

Their first album is rare and came out on a Texas label 'though they hailed from New Port Richey, Florida, and had earlier recorded as The Split Ends. It's basically hard rock with some psychedelic guitar work. Their second album is rather mundane heavy rock.

Jim O'Brock recalls: "Circa 1969 We changed names from The Split Ends to B.O.O.T, an anacronym for 'Blues Of Our Time'. We began playing 80% to 90% original material and began traveling more, playing larger venues. We played with Canned Heat, B.B. King, Neil Diamond, Detroit Wheels, etc. and at the Atlanta Pop Festival and Miami II Pop Festivals. Once we competed with the Allman Brothers in a contest at the University of Florida and won first prize! In Atlanta, Georgia we played with Lynyrd Skynyrd (they opened for us!) and stayed on the road for about four years.

Florida's Boot, or "Blues-Of-Our-Time" started life as The Split Ends (of "Rich With Nuthin" fame), but by 1972 were playing a tight blend of hard rock and good-time rock n roll, with wicked guitar licks and thunderous, tight drumming. Free/Sir Lord Baltimore,Bang etc, early 70's UK rock fans should check this one out!!

1. Hey Little Girl
2. Danny's Tune
3. Liza Brown
4. Andromeda
5. Destruction Road
6. Reach
7. What Are They Doing To Me
8. What You're Missing

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