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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Running Man - The Running Man (1972)

The Running Man - The Running Man (UK Progressive 1972)

Originally released in 1972 on RCA subsidiary Neon, which specialized in progressive rock. This English band featured guitarist Ray Russell and sax player Gary Windo (Carla Bley, Centipede, Nick Mason, NRBQ). Powerful jazz rock tracks alternate with softer moments.

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1. Higher And Higher
2. Hope Place
3. Nicholas
4. Another
5. Find Yourself
6. Look And Turn
7. If You Like
8. Spirit
9. Children
10. Running Man

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Majic Ship - The Complete Recordings (1966-70)

The Story Of A New York Band In The Sixties!!- The Boys from Brooklyn, NY that took the Northeast by storm in the late 60's. All their 45 releases, unreleased singles, demos from 1966, the 1970 LP, and more!!! Total of 20 tracks in all!! With a 20 Page full color Booklet filled with New Photos & lots of Biographical Info!!!PLUS: Iinterviews with Guss, Mike, Tommy, Rob, and Phil Polimeni, lead guitarist of the "Ship" and close friend of the late great legend-Tommy Bolin!!!!
From the master tapes (!!) the whole of this US '60s bands superb psychedelic rock album plus extra tracks, full biog/info and pics. This band were on 'Endless Journey' and their fabulous acid guitar / keyboard soaked version of "Down By The River / For What It's Worth" lasts more than 10 minutes!

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1. Night Time Music
2. Mustang Sally [Demo Version]
3. On the Edge [Demo Version]
4. Hummin'
5. It's Over
6. Green Plant
7. To Love Somebody
8. On the Edge
9. And When It's Over
10. Sioux City Blues
11. Wednesday Morning Dew
12. Life's Lonely Road
13. We Gotta Live On
14. Where Are We Going
15. Free
16. Down by the River/For What It's Worth
17. Nightmare
18. Too Much
19. Cosmo's Theme
20. Blow Me Away

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dust - Selftitled & Hard Attack (1971-72)

First Album: The first album from Dust is interesting on many levels. The rhythm section featured drummer Marc Bell, who would later join New York punk rockers Richard Hell & the Voidoids, while bassist Kenny Aaronson would sign on with labelmate Stories on the group's third album, as Ian Lloyd moved from bass/vocals to complete frontman. The songwriting team of producer Kenny Kerner and singer/guitarist Richie Wise would go on to produce the third Stories album, making this Dust debut and its follow-up an important piece of the Stories puzzle.

Wise's lead vocals on Dust were decent enough to complement his very competent guitar playing; Wise would eventually get hired as A&R man at Scotti Brothers Records. This record is not only the document of a record executive/producer as recording artist, but of musicians who would go on to do more substantial work in the industry. "Stone Woman," with its shimmering slide guitar work from Aaronson, would've fit perfectly on a Leslie West record.

What Dust was all about is kind of difficult to get a handle on. A hard rock band for sure, and certainly spirited; the listener has to wonder if the group is successful when progressive, or if things might be better served by staying on the straight and narrow. "Chasin' Ladies" sports a real cool riff and pretty eerie vocal by Wise, while the one song contributed by Aaronson, "Loose Goose," becomes an endless jam. Wise emulates Greg Lake of ELP and, despite the good try, had Dust kept to the poppy influences all these musicians had in them, the group might have had a better chance at success. Kama Sutra, after all, had the Lovin' Spoonful and Sopwith Camel, artists who charted with pop music on the Top 40. For their image, Dust used a photo from the catacombs on the front cover and a camel in the desert on the back.

It's an amalgam of hard rock and progressive sounds from co-producer Kerner, who would go on to produce hits for Gladys Knight and edit The Music Connection magazine. Interesting stuff worth hearing at least once.

Second Album: Hard Attack by Dust is an improvement over the acceptable performance of the self-titled debut from the year before. The team of producer Kenny Kerner and vocalist/guitarist/producer Richie Wise do just what the title suggests, bringing a harder attack to songs like "Pull Away/So Many Times" and "Ivory," the latter an instrumental with emphasis on guitar riffs and cymbal work. It's an all-out assault from the trio and pretty interesting, though the album as a whole works better when Thog's Fred Singer adds piano and organ. "How Many Horses" benefits from keyboard presence, and brings the group back to the Leslie West/Mountain flavors so obvious on the group's 1971 debut. That song definitely sounds like Dust was intent on remaking the Jack Bruce/Mountain classic "Theme From an Imaginary Western," one of that group's highlights. That the quieter moments, the elegant "Walk in the Soft Rain" and "How Many Horses," work better than the brutally hard "Suicide" hints at the adult contemporary leanings of Kerner and Wise.

That they would merge this group with their labelmates in the band Stories for 1973's Traveling Underground is more evidence of what musical style they were more comfortable with. Unlike the commercial happy style of Stories, this album is obsessed with death — perhaps a marketing tool to the hard rock audience with that theme running through the disc. It's no secret why Stories lead singer Ian Lloyd ended up on Scotti Brothers Records in 1979 and 1980: Producer Wise, the lead singer of Dust, was A&R man at that label. The two Dust albums provide evidence that there were some music business execs who actually had talent. The wonderful Frank Frazetta artwork on the front of the album also shows good taste. Frazetta did many a cover drawing for Creepy and Eerie magazines. It's a well-known fact that Gene Simmons from Kiss came from the world of fanzines and fantasy, and it should be no surprise that Wise and Kerner went on to produce the debut from Kiss in 1974 on Neil Bogart's Casablanca imprint. They also did the follow-up, Hotter Than Hell. You see, Bogart was VP of Kama Sutra's Buddah imprint as far back as 1967, and these Dust albums are truly the prototype to what became Kiss, at least in terms of sound. How could it not be so?

The two men who made the first Kiss albums made these two albums a couple of years before Simmons and crew made their debut. All Music Guide writer Greg Prato calls Kiss (their debut album) "one of hard rock's all-time classic studio recordings." It was a product of the people who made Dust. Interesting that Buddah hasn't considered combining the first two Dust and third Stories album on a double CD to show the roots of Kiss; it would certainly be a neat marketing ploy. There's a pretty 19-second bonus 11th song/tenth track entitled "Entrance," which concludes the dark poetry of the Hard Attack album, an album that is one of the forgotten soldiers in rock histor.

(info by: CGR)

01.Stone Woman
02.Chasin' Ladies
03.Goin' Easy
04.Love Me Hard
05.From a Dry Camel
06.Often Shadows Felt
07.Loose Goose
08.Pull Away / So Many Times
09.Walk in the Soft Rain
10.Thusly Spoken
11.Learning to Die
12.All in All
13.I Been Thinkin
15.How Many Horses
16.Suicide 17.Entrances

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The Electric Toilet - In The Hands Of Karma (1970)

Stone cold classic US '60s heavy psych rock album that was released on the same label as Felt and Whalefeathers. The band came from Memphis and the album includes the awesome track "Within Your State Of Mind". Buddhist vibes meet Southern hippy rock with cosmic sound effects and trippy acid guitar work. Fantastic. Features a mini gatefold LP styled CD cover and improved sound quality.

Not a mega-blowout album, Just driving bluesy R&R with southern twang, growly lead vocal with black baptist church choir style backing. Vocals aside, it sounds like it was a studio live recording. Highlights include interplay between the lead guitar and Wurlitzer organ puncuated with erie moog effects and propelled by a solid rhythym section. Lyric wise, its largely a reiteration of the "Golden Rule". Some may find the first track corny, but overall the songs hold up better than a lot of stuff from that era by better known groups. A promising effort from a sadly ill-fated group. Two members died in a car crash within months of its completion and the group broke up. Anyone know what became of guitarist/songwriter Dave Hall?

(info by: CGR)

1. In The Hands Of Karma
2. Within Your State Of Mind
3. Revelations
4. Mississippi Hippy
5. Goodbye My Darling
6. Dont Climb Nobody Elses Ladder

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ambrosia - Ambrosia (1975)

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Primevil - Smokin' Bats at Campton's (1974)

Produced in 1974 at Moe Whittemore's 700 West studio, Primevil's Smokin' Bats at Comptons, is one of the heavy rock monsters of the Midwest. With a heaviness that sounds like Black Sabbath lead by two virtuoso guitarists Jay Wilfong and Larry Lucas. Their chemistry can be heard on "Hey, Lover" allegedly composed and recorded in one night in Whittemore's New Palestine studio. Legend has it there used to be hundred count boxes of this record floating around. At least one thrift store was reputed to have had multiple copies of the lp at one time. Today, it is relatively scare and commands about $300 value of among both psych and heavy rock collectors.

01.Leavin' (3:51)
02.Progress (3:25)
03.Fantasies (6:00)
04.Pretty Woman (3:11)
05.Tell Me If You Can (5:20)
06.Hey, Lover (2:36)
07.High Steppin' Stomper (4:27)
08.Your Blues (7:24)

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Orange Sunshine - Love=Acid, Space=Hell (2003)

Killer authentic Acid Psych Blues Biker Rock from Holland..right in the vein of BLUE CHEER, CREAM and FRACTION!! 8 tracks so loud..your hair will grow at once! This is a musical trip..its 1969 again! The perfect platter, if you dig fuzzed out solos..and even 8-minute long drum solos..!!Comes in a 3-d special Gimmic Cover...got it?

since 1999 Holland's loudest and wildest power blues trio. Raw and intense hi-volume psychedelic motor blues rock with the real original late-'60's proto-hardrock/acidfuzz sound of BLUE CHEER! Imagine HENDRIX-style guitar freak-out, raw bluesy vocals, a deep grooving bass and minutes-long drum solos. Their first album 'Homo Erectus' (with crazy 3D sleeve!) from 2001 was sold out in a few months. Now their second album has just been released: 'Love=Acid, Space=Hell'. More back to the roots of blues, rock'n'roll and rhythm'n'blues, but also with more catchy CREAM-like '60's pop song structures at the same time, with thumping boogie bass melodies and howling, swinging and 'singing' guitar solos mixed with heavy garage punk riffs and dirty psychedelic stoner/hardrock outbursts! An explosive and yet soulful trip through the twisted minds of 3 acid blues freak veterans from Holland's hard-rockin' capital The Hague. LOVE=ACID, SPACE=HELL and you're gonna dig it! DIG! Orange Sunshine just did some US eastcoast shows for the second time in december 2003 to promote their new release, hopefully the south and westcoast will follow later in 2004 so there'll be your chance for some Dutch drug experience...

(info by CGR)

01 - Lonely Child - 4.45
02 - No Time To Waste - 3.55
03 - I´m A Man - 4.04
04 - Ain´t No Way - 4.20
05 - H-Theme - 3.37
06 - Wham Bam - 2.58
07 - Population III - 1.10
08 - Hey Mama - 15.18

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