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Monday, November 23, 2009

Fields - Selftitled (1969)

"Fields" is kind of an oddity; especially for a record label that's best known for a more pop-oriented catalog.
The album's overall feel is very blues-rockish. A number of reviews we've seen draw comparisons to Cream.
In this case the comparison isn't bad,
with tracks such as the leadoff rocker 'Elysian Fields',
'Take You Home' and 'Jump On It' baring more than a passing resemblance to Clapton and company.
Exemplified by tracks such as 'Bide My Time', the performances are quite raw.
Personal favorite - the bizarre, sidelong 'Love Is the Word'.
With backing from Motown singer Brenda Holloway,
the song offers up a weird blend of rock, psych and soul influences.
Stretched out over nearly 20 minutes, it has to be heard to be believed. [SB]
Decent hard rock effort by a band with a Cream fixation (but thankfully no drum solos).
Lots of lead guitar on the normal length songs on side one.
Side two is one 20-minute song that has a lot of creative ideas and builds in intensity.
It's much better than most side-long songs of the era and is an actual composition,
not just an excuse for jamming.
Overall, a good but not great album that is interesting enough to be recommended to fans of the style.

This US power trio's sole album was released on both sides of the Atlantic in 1969,
but sank without a trace. Equally influenced by blues, soul and acid rock,
it's an enjoyable mixture of snappy hard rock songs and the lengthy "Love Is The Word" suite,
which occupied a whole side of the original LP.
Featuring backing vocals from Northern Soul legend Brenda Holloway and production by former
Merry-Go-Round guitarist Bill Rinehart, it's a must for fans of bluesy psychedelic rock,
and makes its CD debut here.

(info by: CGR)

01 - Elysian Fields - 3.44
02 - Bide My Time - 4.39
03 - Take You Home - 3.04
04 - Jump On You - 3.25
05 - Sun Would Set - 5.22
06 - Love Is The Word - 18.41

Size: 75 Mb
Bitrate: 256 mp3
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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Selftitled (1968)

(no info available)

01 - I put a spell on you
02 - The working man
03 - Susie Q
04 - Ninety-Nine and a half
05 - Get down Woman
06 - Porterville
07 - Gloomy
08 - Walk on the water

Size: 69 Mb
Bitrate: 320 mp3
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Amboy Dukes - Marriage On The Rocks (1970)

(no info)

01 - Marriage
02 - Breast-Fed Gator
03 - Get Yer Guns
04 - Non-Conformist Wilderbeastman
05 - Today's Lesson (Ladies & Gentlemen)
06 - Children Of The Woods
07 - Brian Games Of Yesteryear
08 - The Inexhaustible Quest For The Cosmic Cabbage

Size: 85 Mb
Bitrate: 256 mp3
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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sex - Sex & The End Of My Life (1971-72)

Both albums by Canadian heavy progressive rock band on one CD from 1970 & 71.
Both albums are ultra-rare and the music is comparable to Elias Hulk or Ellison
with sledgehammer drums, furious fuzzy lead guitar and wasted vocals.
By the second album the group had expanded to a four piece and become a
little more progressive but still were as heavy as hell.

A French-Canadian band from Montreal, Quebec, whose lyrics are English.
Both their albums are now rare. The first leans very much towards hard rock with
sledgehammer drums, thundering rhythm, furious guitar leads and wasted vocals.
There's some nice woodwind on 'Come, Wake Up!',
some pleasant mouth harp on 'Try' and some fuzzy guitar on 'Night Symphony' and
'Love Is A Game'; but overall the menu's heavy-handed bluesy hard rock.
The first 45 was culled from this album. All the material was penned by Gratton,
Rousseau and Trépanier. The lyrics are very much in the spin of their name,
particularly the final cut. For hard rockers only!

Prior to their second album, Pierre Ouellette was added to the line-up.
'The End Of My Life' was more progressive than their first effort.
The vocals are in the same wasted style as their first effort,
but the instrumentation is usually more experimental and less heavy-handed.
Their second 45 was taken from this album and probably comprised its best tracks.

(info by: CGR)

01 - Scratch My Back (1971)
02 - Not Yet (1971)
03 - Doctor (1971)
04 - I Had To Rape Her (1971)
05 - Come, Wake Up (1971)
06 - Try (1971)
07 - Night Symphony (1971)
08 - Love Is A Game (1971)
09 - Born To Love (1972)
10 - I´m Starting My Life Today (1972)
11 - Emotions (1972)
12 - Pleasure (1972)
13 - See (1972)
14 - Syphilissia (1972)
15 - The End Of My Life (1972)

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Savoy Brown Blues Band - Shake Down (1967)

Reviewer: chris meesey (Garland, TX United States):
Most Savoy Brown aficionadoes are aware that Kim and Co released
their first album in England only in 1967, that it was called Shake Down,
and that most Americans have heard very little of this album,
probably only the two cuts featured on the compilation Savoy Brown Chronicles.
The true SB fan might have to search far and wide to find a copy,
as with Jack the Toad, the later, pub-rocking Savoy Brown album now considered a classic.
Well, friends, start searching again,
because I have recently unearthed a copy of this excellent album,
and believe me, it's worth searching for!!
Kim assembled a multiracial band in 1965/66 and by 1967 had recorded Shake Down.
It's a traditional blues album that is very reminiscent of Getting to the Point,
SB's second album (first in America) that is much better known than this one.
Shake Down consists mostly of blues covers, save one excellent instrumental,
"Doormouse Rides the Rails", featuring the band's first-rate second guitarist,
Martin Stone. His interplay with SB guru Kim Simmonds on such tracks as
"It's All My Fault," "Shake 'Em on Down,"
and especially on the traditional blues opus "Black Night"
are among the high points of the album. Singer Bryce Portius
(one of the first blacks to front a British blues band)
has a somewhat limited vocal style, but it works very well for this material.
His highlights include the Howlin' Wolf classic "I Ain't Superstitious,"
and the Willie Dixon-penned tune, "Little Girl".
Kim is already showing maturity beyond his teenage years in terms of track selection
and musical direction; as a guitarist,
he shows his chops very nicely on "Shake 'Em On Down,"
already clearly grasping the less-is-more concept that makes for great blues.
His playing in these early years is still somewhat limited,
otherwise we'd be looking at a timeless classic.
Special thanks to Denis in St.
Petersburg, Russia, for helping me to obtain this underappreciated gem.
Now that Kim handles his own record distribution
(through his new label, Panache Records),
perhaps he would consider rereleasing Jack the Toad,
Lion's Share, and of course this album in the United States to satisfy his legion of fans.
Until then, please pursue this album diligently;
it's a blues gem that will have you shaking it on down with the best of them!!!

Limited edition Japanese only reissue of the 1967 album has been fully remastered
with the origianal tracks and comes in a miniature LP sleeve. Decca. 2005.

(info by: CGR)

1. Ain't Superstitious
2. Let Me Love You Baby
3. Black Night
4. High Rise
5. Rock Me Baby
6. I Smell Trouble
7. Pretty Woman
8. Little Girl
9. Doormouse Rides the Rails
10. It's All My Fault
11. Shake 'Em on Down

Size: 77 Mb
Bitrate: 256 mp3
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