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Friday, January 08, 2010

The Master´s Apprentices - A Toast To Panama Red (1972)

This was the Masters last album before they split in 1972.
Although largely overlooked at the time,
it is seen in retrospect as a highly accomplished work.
In Germany, France,
Holland and Britain it is considered a major Progressive Rock album and a sought after collector's item.

Early 72 the band released 'A Toast To Panama Red' which died without a trace.
It is now hailed as one of Australia's most creative and innovative albums.
A diverse range of styles, instruments,
a choir and unusual vocals mean that it is still eagerly collected in Europe
(Where they are releasing bootleg copies of it).
The money ran out and the band split with Glenn and Jim returning home.

Original Album Discography:

The Master's Apprentices 1967
Masterpiece 1970
Choice Cuts 1971
Nickelodeon (Live in Perth) 1971
A Toast To Panama Red 1972

(info by: CGR)

1.Answer Lies Beyond
2.Beneath the Sun
3.Games We Play I
4.Games We Play II
5.The Lesson So Listen
6.Love Is
7.Melodies of St Kilda
8.Southern Cross
9.Thyme To Rhyme

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Locomotive - We Are Everything You See (1970) - Snelkoppeling

No info.

01 - Overture
02 - Mr Armageddon
03 - Now Is The End, The End Is Now
04 - Lay Me Down Gently
05 - Nobody Asked You To Come
06 - You Must Be Joking
07 - A Day In Shining Armour
08 - The Loves Of Augustus Abbey, Part I
09 - Rain
10 - The Loves Of Augustus Abbey, Part II
11 - Comin Down, Love Song For The Dead Che
12 - The Loves Of Augustus Abbey, Part III
13 - Time Of Light And Darkness
14 - Mr Armageddon (Mono) (Bonus)
15 - Theres Got To Be A Way (Bonus)
16 - Im Never Gonna Let You Go (Bonus)
17 - You Must Be Joking (Mono) (Bonus)
18 - Moving Down The Line (Bonus)
19 - Roll Over Mary (Bonus)

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Hickory Wind - Hickory Wind (1972)

"Indiana based band who turned into legendary psych band B.F. Trike
released only a handful of copies of this record (Gigantic, 1969),
making it a true rarity; full of variety
(although much of it sounds like acid rock era of Byrds or Buffalo Springfield,
with the most psychedelic track being Time And Changes,
with its great vocals and lots of fuzz guitar; features four bonus tracks as B.F Trike;
beautiful package in a quality mini-LP style jacket with insert,
new liner notes, lyrics, original liner notes; limited to 1000 copies.
*High quality cardboard sleeve with obi*"

Fuzz acid west coast rockers, jangly folk rock, some bluesy psych jammers.
It's all here and done with verve. Pre B.F.Trike."

Just 100 copies of this album were pressed originally making it extremely rare.
The band came from Indiana and all except Prentice went on to play in B.F. Trike.
Their album is full of variety wth the most psychedelic track being Time And Changes.
This has great vocals plus lots of fuzz and was later re-recorded by B.F. Trike.
Mr Man is rather unusual, employing spoken lyrics over a piano/keyboard backing;
Father Come With Me is a successful blend of droning keyboards and vocals and there are also
a couple of laid back melodic numbers in I Don't Believe and Judy, which open and close the album.
Get to hear the album if you can but don't pay a fortune for a copy.

(info by: CGR)

01 - I Don't Believe
02 - Time And Changes
03 - Maybe Tomorrow
04 - Transit Blues
05 - Country Boy
06 - The Loner
07 - Mr. Man
08 - New Albany Police Carnival
09 - Father Come With Me
10 - Judy
11 - I'm A Man (bonus track)
12 - Red Shoes (bonus track)
13 - Come A Little Closer (bonus track)
14 - Shuh Rah (bonus track)

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Dschinn - Dschinn (1972)

Sole and rare 1972 release from this German band given the high quality Second Battle Treatment. The cover is a great Salvador Dali pastiche, whilst the music inside is powerful heavy rock with some excellent lead guitar riffs and classic hard rock vocals. The CD contains outtakes and a whole bunch of pre - Dschinn tracks. Digi-pak with booklet

The Dschinn record had a very convincing Dali plagiate painting on its sleeve, courtesy of one Klaus Holitzka. I can reveal that the music isn't as surrealistic as the sleeve would imply, it's a quite conventional type of hard rock. This is not meant as a criticism, though - it is a great album! The lack of originality is nonchalantly replaced by sheer power, both in the music and the vocals. They wrote all nine tracks together, except for the cover version of "For Your Love". It was recorded at Tonstudio Mitte, Bremen and produced by Rolf Jenzen, a character unknown to me. Sadly this one album is their sole legacy, apart from a track on the 1973 sampler Mama Rock & The Sons Of Rock'n'Roll (Bacillus BLS 5526; 2nd edition BAC 2025), named "Rock'n'Roll Dschinny". Not even a single was lifted from their eponymous album and the group disappeared without trace.

(info by: CGR)

01 - Freedom - 4.47
02 - Fortune - 4.56
03 - I'm In Love - 4.45
04 - Train - 4.55
05 - Let's Go Together - 3.10
06 - Smile Of The Devil - 4.23
07 - I Wanna Know - 3.34
08 - Are You Ready - 4.02
09 - For Your Love - 4.12
10 - Rock'N'Roll Dschinny - 3.09
11 - Hear What I Say (The Dischas) - 2.53
12 - Come On Come Back (The Dischas) - 2.31
13 - Let's Go Together (The Dischas) - 2.18
14 - Never, Never (The Dischas) - 2.52
15 - Take Me Back (The Dischas) - 3.27
16 - Hurry Up (The Dischas) - 3.39
17 - Woman (The Dischas) - 2.26
18 - (The Dischas) - 2.20
19 - Can't You See (Outtake) - 3.10
20 - Give Me A Little Love (Outtake) - 2.58
21 - Day After Day (Outtake) - 2.43

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