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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Pandamonium - The Unreleased Album (1969)

"To serious record collectors the name 'Pandamonium' means several highly collectable singles issued by CBS in the '60s. The band, which started life in 1963/64 as the Pandas, consisted of the song writing team of Bob Ponton and Martin Curtis with the support of fellow men of Kent Mick Glass and Steve Chapman (who later played drums for Al Stewart and Poco). After signing to CBS in 1966,
the band enjoyed underground success with a superb cover of Donovan Leitch's 'Season Of The Witch' (CBS 202462), which curiously enough pre-dated the folk singer's own version of the song, later to appear on the Sunshine Superman album, by some months. The cult success of 'Season Of The Witch'
was followed by what many consider to be their finest single, 'No Presents For Me' (CBS 2664),
a track which was pure psychedelic beat and featured some extremely effective backwards fuzz guitar. One further single followed on the CBS label (Chocolate Buster Dam/Fly With Me Forever - CBS 3451),
but a disagreement with the label led to the group's departure and subsequent dissolution. This is a great British psych/pop album with some superb songs and instrumentation that reflects the status of the participants and it somewhat baf fling that an album of this stature has remained unreleased for so long. However, after a 30-year wait, Radioactive is proud to make this extremely important recording available for the first time."

(info by: CGR)

1 Season Of The Witch/Today I'm Happy (CBS 202462) 1967
2 No Presents For Me/Sun Shines From His Eyes (CBS 2664) 1967
3 Chocolate Buster Dam/Fly With Me Forever (CBS 3451) 1968

All three singles are now rare and sought-after. Season Of The Witch was a Donovan song. Their best is generally considered to be No Presents For Me, which is notable for some effective backwards guitar work and distortion.

01 - I Know You - 3.17
02 - It´s A Long Time - 3.14
03 - I Am What I Am - 3.53
04 - Sunrise - 4.10
05 - If I Could Be With You - 2.15
06 - Sit And Watch The Sunshine - 3.10
07 - Baby I´ll Be Yours - 3.51
08 - Send Out A Smile - 3.03
09 - Who Knows What We May Find - 3.14
10 - Waiting For The Summer - 2.30
11 - I Believe In You - 3.56

Size: 67.5 Mb
Bitrate: 256 mp3
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