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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Five Day Week Straw People - same (1968)

Five Day Week Straw People was an LP that captured a day in the life of sixties London. Released in September 1968, Five Day Week Straw People were not a band, but rather the work of London-based songwriters David Montague and Guy Mascalo, who composed a song cycle that they once described as being about "people who work monotonously during the week and then try to enjoy themselves at weekends."
The song writing pair hired in guitar, bass, drums, vocals and set up in a makeshift studio recording space(actually a school!). Taking just four hours, most of the tracks being recorded in one or two takes, the results were exceptional. Tracks like the title song, I'm Going Out Tonight and the dreamy, shimmering Sunday Morning being particularly strong. Packaged in a colourful psychedelic sleeve, the LP is now quite rightly regarded as one of the classic LPs of the era and copies regularly sell for more than £100.
The LP sold quite well at the time and the label wanted a follow-up album, but David Montague remembers that given how he and his partner had made no money from the LP (the modest fee was all given to the session players) they declined the offer and elected to focus their efforts on placing their songs with established music publishers.
This is the first reissue of the album, by Montague and Mascalo, mastered from original tapes stored in the Library for nearly 40 years, and enhanced with the addition of two bonus tracks recorded the same year by the pair, not previously reissued .

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