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Thursday, March 05, 2009

The John Dummer´s Oobleedooblee Band - Ooblee Jubilee (1973)

This blues outfit formed in the Summer of 1967 in London. By the beginning of 1968 Tony Walker and Roger Pearce had both quit the music business. The line-up (B) was playing a solid Chicago-styled blues. In July 1968 they turned professional. By now Steve Rye had departed for Simon and Steve and Tony McPhee, a friend of Dave Kelly's, came in on guitar. However, McPhee's stay was brief - a few month later he left to join The Groundhogs. Their two albums for Mercury are the most sought-after by collectors.

Dummer followed this with Music Band, a venture with violinist Nick Pickett, which achieved little here but had a French hit with Nine By Nine.

Shortening their name to John Dummer they signed to Vertigo recording Blue, with a cover designed by Roger Dean. The music was still competent blues-rock, but nowhere near as good as their earlier late sixties offerings on Mercury. Then, teaming up again with his original guitarist Dave Kelly, Dummer recorded Oobleedooblee Jubilee with a country-influenced band.

1 CABAL (Mercury SMCL 20136) 1969 (Hard to find)
2 JOHN DUMMER BLUES BAND (Mercury SMCL 20167) 1969 (very hard to find)
3 FAMOUS MUSIC BAND (Philips 6309 008) 1970 (hard to find)
4 NINE BY NINE (Philips 6382 039) 1972
5 BLUE (Vertigo 6360 055) 1972 (very Hard to find)
6 OOBLEEDOOBLEE JUBILEE (Vertigo 6360 083) 1973 (hard to find)
7 TRY ME ONE MORE TIME (Philips 6382 040) 1973
8 VOLUME II (Philips 6382 083) 1973

(info by: CGR)

1. Passing Through
2. Hello LA, Bye Bye Birmingham
3. Oobleedooblee Jubilee
4. I've Been Scorned
5. Lovin' Man
6. The Monkey Speaks It's Mind
7. Fairy Tale
8. Sometimes
9. Too Much Monkey Business

Size: 74.2 Mb
Bitrate: 256 mp3
Artwork Included


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