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Monday, August 25, 2008

Dragonwyck - Chapter 2 (1972-74)

This release, available on CD for the first time, is the second of World In Sound´s Dragonwyck trilogy. The group from Cleveland were one of the most promising bands from the early 70´s in that area. After their first legendary 1970 heavy-psych album the keyboardist changed, and the band left their garagey Doors influences to create their own sound. The music on these well producedstereo-recordings exists only on acetate (10 copies), and drifted more into the British vein of progressive rock, like King Crimson, Pink Floyd or Yes, but also reflects US-West Coast feeling like It´s a Beautiful Day. By 1972 Dragonwyck was performing Moody Blues´complete 'Days of Future Passed' live on stage (!!!) The 10 original cuts included here, however, are intense and very unique with strong melodies/vocals, heavy guitar solos and an extreme variety of keyboard and vocal sounds an awesome mix of heavy underground rock with classical chamber-music style/elements. There are 2 bonus tracks from a 45´record which was released in 1974, a bio, authentic press-releases and cool photos. Comes in a digipack-fold cover with a 12 page booklet: also remastered from the original mastertapes.

(Info by: CGR)

01 - Kimberly - 0.32
02 - He Loves You - 3.18
03 - Fire Climbs - 6.41
04 - Relics - 5.11
05 - Freedom Son - 3.57
06 - Lady - 3.47
07 - Run To The Devil - 3.45
08 - Dead Man - 4.15
09 - The Music - 3.14
10 - Forever Only Last A Little While - 4.40
11 - Lovin' The Boys (Single -74) - 3.14
12 - The Music (Single -74) - 3.07

Size: 87.2 Mb
Bitrate: 256 mp3
Artwork Included


At 5:08 PM, Blogger preacher said...

hi there, awesome blog,
i have downloaded from here who knows how many times...
Anyway , would you be interested in a link exchange?

At 9:02 PM, Blogger 7-Floor said...

Hi preacher,

Sure why not? i can put a link also on my blog to yours if you want.... wait a minute i'll do it right now.

Greetings 7-Floor

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

been trying to hear this for a number of years now......and heres my chance...thank you very much for the opportunity....all the very best to you.


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