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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

John Nitzinger - Nitzinger (1971)

Their three albums are mostly in a bluesy hard rock style and are sought-after by collectors.Hard driving rock with a little Texas style blues thrown in for good measure. Nitzinger was John Nitzinger's band before he joined PM or Alice Cooper and before he worked for Bloodrock. He writes and plays straight-up hard rock without the typical radio hooks (which is why you may have never heard of him or his band). If you have to choose between this CD and "One Foot in History", choose the latter, but if you can still find both, buy 'em both - stick 'em in the car's CD changer and drive. Oh, yeah, make sure your radar detector is working, because the music will make you want to put pedal to metal.

I tell you people-this and all Nitzinger releases are rock steady solid from start to finish-this dude was a major talent that i felt was often overlooked-I am old fan from the vinyl dayz good music like this only improves with age-from Johns Bloodrock days till this release he steadily advanced the perfection of his art-if you wanna hear that southern style Texas epitamy of purest rock blues this is the avenue to travel-not one single bad or weak song from amongst these trax you will have to search elsewhere and other artist for that-this dude delivers and then only delivers more,one of my favorite albums from any era-i am more than delighted to see his work in digital format of cd-do yourself a favor-let the rent go to get this one.

(Info by:CGR)

01.L.A. Texas Boy
03.No Sun
04.Louisiana Cock Fight
05.Boogie Queen
06.Witness to the Truth
07.Nature of Your Taste
08.My Last Goodbye
10.Hero of the War
11.King's X (Bonus)
12.Pretty Boy Shuffle (Bonus)

Size: 76.6 Mb
Bitrate: 256 mp3
Artwork Included


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The free download also includes a 14 minute instrumental version for those that don’t buy the premise.

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