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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jethro Tull - Live At The Isle Of Wight (1970)

This Isle of Wight performance is another truly remarkable addition to the Jethro Tull catalogue and a nugget of pure gold. This particular performance took place on the last day of the festival, August 30th, 1970. Tull was one of the last groups to be featured, following a performance by The Moody Blues and directly preceding Jimi Hendrix, who would sadly die only 18 days later.

The set list is familiar to any fan of the early Tull years, featuring songs from their first three albums, and one song (My God) that wouldn't show up on an album until the release of the Aqualung album the following year. For what it's worth, some of these same songs also appear on disc #2 of the Jethro Tull 25th Anniversary Box Set, which was recorded on November 4th, 1970 at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Taken together, these two performances give a very good picture of the whole Tull concert experience of that era.

The show starts out with a wonderful version of MY SUNDAY FEELING, and other highlights include DHARMA FOR ONE, BOUREE, and the perennial favorite NOTHING IS EASY (the song that has such a hard time coming to an end.)

While the performance is not quite as polished on this disc as it is during the later New York performance, the energy level is perceptibly higher, and Martin Barre is brilliant, as usual. Clive Bunker in particular gives one of his finest drum performances ever recorded, and the album is worth the money for that alone. If you're a fan, you've got to get this album.

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